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Blue Columbine

A new cohousing option near Denver.

Welcome to the Blue Columbine Cohousing Community - a place where connection, belonging, and a vibrant lifestyle converge.


Cohousing is a way of living where homeowners own their own homes but share common amenities. Balancing privacy with community, individuality with shared experiences, Blue Columbine is Denver’s newest cohousing community and is coming together as the perfect place to call home. 

Housed on over three acres, Blue Columbine offers the best of the best – all part of the purchase price of your home!  Amenities include our 4,000 sq ft common house with an exercise studio, community kitchen, indoor outdoor dining, a natural pool and pool shed, community gardens and garden shed, a bike barn and storage, a makers shed for wood working and welding, a dog run area and dog wash – all designed by a dream team of architects and landscape architects. With meticulous attention to detail, we have crafted an inviting haven that combines the allure of elegant homes with the warmth of authentic connections.


Our location in Wheat Ridge, across from Prospect Park and just 15 minutes from downtown Denver, offers convenient access to the wonders of Colorado, with hiking trails, parks, and cultural attractions nearby. Experience the charm of a close-knit neighborhood with its local grocers and shops while remaining connected to a larger City.

Join us in calling this neighborhood home. 

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A range of options and offerings
to meet most needs.

Enjoy a range of options and community luxuries from multiple home types to the common house and range of community amenities across the >3 acre site.

Download the Information Package for more about the options and amenities.

An organized mix of amenities.

Explore how the home types and community amenities are spread across the 3+ acre property.

  1. Solar Array

  2. Resident Gardens

  3. Pool

  4. Potting Shed

  5. Pool House and Dog Wash

  6. Bike Barn 

  7. Wood Shop

  8. Common Green

  9. Covered Outdoor Common Patio

  10. Common House

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A design team that understands cohousing.

The firms and faces behind turning our cumulative vision into reality are instrumental.

Read a little about them and explore their past work as you picture what our community will look like. 



Caddis Collaborative is an architecture, urban design, and planning firm based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and working throughout the United States and the world. They are leaders in sustainable design, zero net energy buildings, and livable communities. 

Bryan Bowen has lived in CoHousing for over 15 years and has designed over 20 communities. 

Visit Caddis' website HERE

Explore the work they have done in CoHousing HERE

And meet their team HERE


Bryan Bowen

Landscape Architect

Studio Campo​

Studio Campo practices imaginative, context-driven design. The firm explores the potential of landscapes to enrich human experience. The firm takes a research-driven approach; biodiversity and ecological stewardship are cornerstones of the firm's practice.

Studio Campo is a woman-owned business based in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Denver, Colorado. We are certified as a M/WBE, SBE, EBE, and DBE in landscape architecture and urban planning.

Visit Studio Campo's website HERE 

And meet their team HERE

Cali Pfaff


Project Advisor

Wonderland Hill Development Co

Wonderland Hill Development Company is rooted in community focused living. "We are proud of our rich history of working towards exemplifying what our founder, Jim Leach, calls "sustainability through community."  We have built cohousing communities, near net-zero solar homes, and mixed-use developments.  As the leader in green construction, and as an organization with a pioneering spirit that welcomes alternative ideas, we believe that our efforts will benefit future generations for years to come." 

Visit Wonderland Hill Development Co's website HERE

And meet their team HERE

jim leach development team .png

Jim Leach


Edgemont Consulting​

Martin Willie has over 25 years’ experience in the real estate industry through Development Management, Architectural design, Project Management, and Construction Management. Committed to sustainable design and community development.

Martin Willie

Martin Willlie.jpeg

Explore cohousing resources and
what our community is up to.

We hold some principles especially close to heart.

Environmental sustainability, diversity among our members, and connection with one another and our surrounding neighbors. We aim for net zero development or close to that goal in the creation of our community, and our group includes individuals who have expertise in planning, design, construction, and energy use. The personal living spaces we hope to create will be individually owned and the communal spaces will be communally owned. We seek both demographic and socio-economic diversity in our community. To assemble a diverse, multi-generational community, we intend to share as many communal resources as possible, and to create pathways to first-time home ownership by including some living units that are more economically attainable. We also would enjoy a site where we can easily connect to the larger community around us on foot, by bicycle, and by mass transit.  We also imagine allowing community groups or not-for-profits to use the outdoor common areas as well for their gatherings as a way to participate in the community.

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